About us

Gyanodaya School, Junior & Senior College is an educational institution, which strives to form men and women who will build a just and humane world. It strives for an intellectual endeavor that focuses on critical and creative thinking, with the aim of social transformation.

Gyanodaya Shikshan Pracharak Samiti's Gyanodaya School, Junior & Senior College of BSC IT, B.ED & DTED was started in the year 1987 aiming at giving the best education to economically and socially backward class poor students in the vicinity of the Thane City.

Situated amidst working class (lower middle class) colonies, the college has many feathers in its cap in the last 33 years. The college provides regular and proper guidance, due encouragement to students for taking participation in various competitions and programmes in the school & college and in other colleges as well. Variuos cultural programmes are arranged to give proper boost to the artistic qualities among students.


Principal Message

Prem Chandra Tiwari

Head Master and Principal

Gyanodaya School, Junior & Senior College was established in 1987. Our Founder President Late Hon. Jai Narayan Tiwari understood that there is a neccessity of establishing full-fledged educational institution to attain all-round development of students. His vision was to provide quality education to the disadvantaged people of Kamgar area become reality.

At Gyanodaya School, Junior and Senior College we value every individual and take personal care of them. It is our aim to provide the best possible environment in which students can hone their skills.

In very short period, we gained the trust and appreciation of students and parents. We are one of the premier educational institutions in Thane. Our academics results are very good. Our students are also on forefront in cultural and sports activities at university level.

We inspire the students to build up their career and transform themeselves into decent human beings. Together our teaching faculty, non-teaching staff and students by helping them to develope their potential and make the best use of the available opportunities in academic, sports, cultural and other curricular activities.

Our Mission

Gyanodaya Shikshan Pracharak Samiti was registered in 1984 having the view for sound teaching-learning process. After registration the institution, gyanodaya vidya mandir was founded with the view of social service. School of Marathi Hindi and English was begun availing quality education to each and every class of society. Perception of 'equality and diversity' was perceived on the basis of achieving oriented result. Education aims at making children responsible, productive and usefue members of society. In pursuance of this view, quality education was started to avail the middle class of society at very low fees pertaining with the view of knowledge, skills and attitudes are built through learning experiances. Exam result of school started to be 100% with the passage of time. Strength of students became noticable in very short time. Students of our school and college took interest and participate in school and inter collegiate competition to win rewards for recoginition of their institution. School earned its recognition and fame for all round development of students in the vicinity. Moral and culture oriented education is preferred and conducted among students in our school.

Our Vision

Though Gyanodaya Vidya Mandir & Jr. College is patronised by poorer section of the society, inspite of it institution is determined to propagate the flame of quality education not only in Savarkar Nagar, Thane but also in other part of territory. As a result, RTP High School & Jr. College in Dombivali and Navodaya Vidya Mandir & Jr. College in Padgha have been running for achieving the same goal. Further attempts are being made for B.Com Degree College in coming year. Very soon, in pursuance of the same, proposal will be applied before the concerned authority. Priority of our institution is only to avail quality education to students.

Our Motto

Our institution focuses on achieveing goal of maxims like 'असतो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।'. It means quality education is prevailed to students by which they will earn money to survive their later lives. Secondly, education must bring students towards light of darkness. Men Industrious and full of character, undoubtebly can not take rest without looking after the responsiblity of their family and must do something good for development of Country. The value of devotion for work in life should be taught to students for better performance.

Gyanodaya Vidya Mandir & Jr. College was started in 1990 with Science stream. Considering importance of Junior College, Commerce stream was started in 1995. At present time, twenty divisions from both stream have been running successfully. Students securing 35 to 45% in SSC are obtaining 60 to 75% in college due to hard work and devotion of teachers. So it proves that 'Work is Worship'. Thus, degree college started in 2010 for course of B.Sc.IT in the same institution with the view that HSC passed Science students may get their admission for higher education in the same college. College succeded in getting its aim. So it can be said that students got opportuinity for learning education of Primary, Secondary, Jr. College and Sr. College from one institution.